Our Mission

Yarnton Manor is the home of the Lanier Theological Library and Learning Centre at Yarnton Manor in Oxfordshire, UK

Our Vision:

To build and nurture a vibrant Christian community of scholars and students from across the disciplines, as well as pastors, ministry leaders, and local church members, who are committed to excellence in biblical research, theological education, and ministry training, in order to advance the Kingdom of God, in the academy and through the local church, for the glory of God.

Our Field:

• Yarnton Manor and the surrounding Yarnton, Begbroke, and Kidlington Communities

• Professors and Students at Oxford University, with influence around the world

• The greater Oxford community, through its churches and ministry organizations 

• Christians seeking to leverage their vocational platforms for Kingdom impact 

• Leaders from across the UK and Europe: the larger Academy, the Church, and its Culture

• The World, because the world still comes to Oxford, and Oxford goes to all the world!

What We Value:

Spiritual: growing in our knowledge and relationship to Jesus

Biblical: committed to studying, teaching, and living out Holy Scripture

Intellectual: acquiring knowledge and wisdom, a renewal of the mind

Relational: nurturing healthy relationships with others, living in community

Functional: developing and using our gifts and abilities in service to others   

Cultural: praying and working towards a spiritual renewal and a cultural renaissance 

Missional: sharing the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ  

Our Team:       

Dr. David and Beverly Fleming, Executive and Associate Directors

Annie Smith, Estate Manager

Jon Butler, Facilities Manager 

Teresa Trafford, Housekeeping Manager

Rev. Dan Steel, Ministry Program Director

Dr. John Lennox, Distinguished Research Fellow